We have a deficiency in our country. Not a vitamin deficiency, but a whole food deficiency. The Healthy Living Revolution recognizes this, and we have a simple solution. 


We know that families are busy, and are frustrated by all the information and options on the market today. But there is one option that is foundational, and has never been disputed. We ALL need more fruits, vegetables and berries in our diets everyday. The colors of the rainbow. Can you imagine eating a variety of more than 30 raw, vine-ripened fruits, veggies and berries consistently everyday? We found a way to do this. It's whole food in capsules. And it's changing lives. We, at The Healthy Living Revolution, believe that if we can flood our bodies with concentrated, whole food nutrition consistently, that we will make a profound impact on our health. 

Our One Simple Change is real food, for real people, in a capsule. It doesn't replace eating fruits and vegetables, but it does bridge that nutritional gap in our diets. Giving us the peace of mind that we are fueling our bodies with what it needs, whole food.

Have you ever skipped a meal? Have you ever been so busy that you just forgot to eat? Or maybe you just didn't have time. It's a reality today. People are over scheduled, over worked and under nourished. So what's the solution? How do we slow down long enough to make a change? The Healthy Living Revolution recognizes the real need for a simple way to fuel our bodies with more real nutrition. 

We recommend a nutrition shake. It is a plant-based nutrition powder that is a balanced combination of plant-based protein, complex carbohydrates, fats and fiber that nourishes and fuels the body. Whether you are a pregnant or nursing mom, a child, an elite athlete or someone looking for better health, this shake is safe for everyone. Because we all need more real food. Healthy is a fit for everyone. 

We believe everyone deserves to know about a way to flood their body with more than 45 different plants consistently everyday. To learn more about how to give your body the variety of fruits, vegetables and berries mentioned here, and how your children can receive this gift of health free, contact the person who shared this website with you.